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Sims Southern Customs, LLC.


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Give the gift of Sims Southern Customs with our gift cards!

Unsure of what tee to buy? No worries. Just purchase one of our cards and share the love by letting them order anything on our site. 


What is needed from members? By purchasing this product, our monthly membership program, you will be automatically emailed a DocuSign form within 30 seconds of checking out.You must sign and return this within 24 hoursor your access to anything related to the Sims Southern Customs LLC Skill Up With Whit + Chase, and/or its content, will be terminated without a refund. 

What is the DocuSign form? This form is emailed to you after payment is received. You will find this link located in yourorder confirmation email. This a legal agreement that protects our Intellectual Property. It is between each member and Sims Southern Customs, LLC. This must be signed due to content that is given and discussed amongst members and Sims Southern Customs, LLC and/or any contract workers hired by Sims Southern Customs, LLC. This is intellectual property of Sims Southern Customs, LLC which must be protected.

What happens if I refuse to sign? If this form is not signed and received by Sims Southern Customs, LLC - we have the right to remove said member and terminate services at any time. 

Reasons that lead to Termination: (but not limited to) Sims Southern Customs, LLC. reserves the right to terminate any logins/content access to any of our platforms if we suspect screen shotting, screen recording, link sharing or login sharing. Recreating our content for your own use and/or for sell. Sharing any content and materials sold or given to you inside this membership for free, to those outside the program. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We place protection in between our shirts when doing our special bleaching process. Sometimes the bleach/dye does transfer on the shirt. We make sure that it’s acceptable before sending all items out. All shirts are unique and made by hand. It is impossible to make exact replicas. Each shirt will have this style bleach/dye pattern. Patterns may differ as we do not make exact matches. We can NOT REFUND for bleach/dye marks and/or discoloration on the shirt as it is nearly impossible to prevent. If you are ever unsatisfied with your shirts, please let us know. We will do our best to make it right. 


ALL SALES ARE FINAL — ANY ISSUES MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 3 DAYS FROM DELIVERY DATE — ANY CLAIMS MADE AFTER 3 DAYS WILL NOT HOLD VALIDITY. PLEASE OPEN AND INSPECT ALL ITEMS UPON ARRIVAL.  You will receive a tracking number once your item has shipped. We are not responsible for any mail carrier delays. Once an order has shipped, we are no longer responsible.

If you need an item by a certain date, please be sure you have communicated that with Sims Southern Customs, LLC. and that terms have been agreed upon by both parties.

We are not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping. Sims Southern Customs, LLC. is also not responsible for any mishandling or misuse of products received by our customs or customers of resellers.

It is the resellers duty to be sure their customers understand how to handle and care for products made by Sims Southern Customs, LLC.

By clicking the Terms & Conditions checkbox at checkout, you have agreed to any and all terms, policies and statements made on this website. Sims Southern Customs, LLC. will not be held responsible for any information a customer did not read when purchasing. 

All of our items are custom made.

It is very IMPORTANT that you read each item's description before purchasing.

We are NOT responsible for any issues that may occur due to not reading "turnaround times", "shipping dates" dates or product descriptions and/or any disclaimers associated with our items.

It is up to customers to reach out BEFORE PURCHASING in order to ask any questions, request any other photos or to confirm any product looks or descriptions. We do want to know if you are ever unhappy with your order. Please email:

All items are custom made, by hand. Please know that every item we sell is uniquely made and impossible to make exact replicas or copies. Although we do our best. Sims Southern Customs, LLC’s products are sold as art, and it is impossible to make "exact" matches. Items are made in batches which can also increase the likelihood of a product looking different than the time before when repurchasing. Please note that each device and computer screen may show different colors than what item colors actually are. Sims Southern Customs, LLC. absolutely NEVER uses filters or editing to make items photos appear other than they actually look in real life. It is up to customers to reach out BEFORE PURCHASING in order to ask any questions, request any other photos or to confirm any product looks or descriptions.

When placing a CUSTOM ORDER — please keep in mind all custom orders are made specifically for said customer and made by hand after an order is confirmed with Sims Southern Customs, LLC. After confirmation has been made between staff and customer, the process will begin on making and fulfilling order. Due to customization and detailed work that goes into these items, items cannot be changed. Processing can take anywhere between 1-6 weeks. By purchasing ANY listing, you are agreeing to ANY AND ALL agreements, policies, terms and conditions.


It is very IMPORTANT that you read each item's description before purchasing. We are NOT responsible for any issues that may occur due to not reading "ready to ship", "turnaround time" dates or "product descriptions" and/or any "disclaimers" associated with our items.


Are membership fees refundable?If you choose to leave before your membership is up, we are unable to refund you due to the nature of content you had access to upon entering the program. We hope you understand. There is no way to prove that you no longer have access to the content or that you were unable to you anyting the program or its members provide.

How do I contact for help?please send us an email to