WHIT+CHASE, the best friends with a passion and drive to help others. The goal was to create a brand unlike any other. Starting the business in 2019 after Whitney left her 9-5 career behind. Feeling pressured to work or take care of her kids, she chose her children and wanted a way to still have a career while having to be home. Not long after the business started, her son was diagnosed with Autism. She knew having her own business was more important now than ever. Chase, the inseparable best friend, would come over after work, where she managed a local store, owned by a well-known corporate company. Chase began creating her own items for SSC and helping Whit daily. Her hand-crafted tie-dyed items were instantly a hit! Overwhelmed with life and orders, Whit knew what she had to do. Convincing Chase to take a chance and leave the corporate world, she joined forces with Whit. They made a promise to one another that no matter what happened they would stick together and NEVER GIVE UP. Their mission has always been to always help others. Being women in recovery, with no college degrees and despite all the odds, they have found a way to overcome the stigma and statistics.

They have learned to never give up hope, to always share their story to help encourage and empower other women. This is how their mission was created. Here to always help others across the world. Retail & Wholesale Apparel... to Small Biz Besties, LLC & the newest business addition, WHIT + CHASE!  These two are here to say that you can do this! At SSC - quality and customers' matter!