Whitney Sims  Licensed Owner

Chase Champagne  Manager

Thank you for stopping by! We are so glad you are here!

I have always had a passion for art. I began putting my visions on shirts and as my business began to grow, I quickly realized I needed help. Chase has been with me basically since day one. 

Having a small business was a huge dream and now I have been able to have my friends on this journey with me. We have an amazing team and we work hard to bring you the best items. We wanted to have items that are unique and custom. All of our designs are made by the SSC team and more small businesses that we support! We have a talented crew who works hard to bring the best items. We hope you enjoy these shirts as much as we have enjoyed making them. Hand-crafted designs that are made with love.

Thank you all for supporting our small business. You are helping not only my dream but the dreams of my team as well.

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